Account Registration

How can I cancel my order?

You need to log in to your account and cancel the order from the order placement page. Also, you can cancel your order by reaching out to us through our helpline at 0328 238882 or write to us at [email protected]  

Is the information I provide on your website secure?

We respect your right to privacy and protect the security of your data. You must be sure that your information is treated discreetly and not disclosed to third parties without your permission.

If I forget my password, how can I recover it?

Below the login form, search for options like “Lost Your Password” on the account’s login page. To start the process of recovering your password, click on the given opportunity. 

What are the benefits of my account on your website?

You can get a personalized user experience by getting your account registered on our website. Furthermore, you might have a chance to win exclusive vouchers, and get notifications, and updates as a new loyal customer. 

Is it possible for me to change my account details such as my password or email address?

Yes, you can change your account details anytime by visiting the account settings. After making changes, you can update your details and log in to your new account. 

How can I register for an account on your website?

Creating an account on our website is a simple few steps procedure. 

Go to the home page, look for the “Sign Up” or “Register” button, and click. Enter the necessary details, including your username or email address, and set a password. To protect your account, select a strong and unique password.

Click the “Register” or “Create Account” button to continue after you have completed the required fields and accepted the terms. You will get a confirmation email on your registered email address.


Do I have to pay extra charges on specific payment methods (Credit/Debit Card)?

All bank charges of 2.7% are applied to Credit/Debit Card transfers. 

Do you provide financing or choices for installment payments?

Yes, we have a dedicated department to deal with the installment payment cases. All you need is to put up a request through our helpline at 0328 238882. 

Should payment be made in advance or after delivery?

Depending on the order placed by the customer, we offer open parcel service on Cash on Delivery and pay online through Debit/Credit Cards, and Bank transfers. You can pay earlier and receive delivery later.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Customers can choose options from Cash On Delivery (COD), Direct Bank Transfer, and Debit/Credit Card to make payments for their products.

Order Delivery and Shipping

Do you have any customer support service to guide the customers and resolve their issues?

Yes, you can contact us by calling at helpline at 0328 238882 or writing to us at [email protected] 

What if my order is misplaced or damaged during the delivery process?


Our responsibility extends up until the product reaches you. Our primary aim is to safely deliver the items to your doorstep. As we offer Open Parcel Delivery, it is advised to always shoot an unpacking video of your purchase and pay for it after unboxing. Through this unboxing video, you can request a replacement if the item is in any way flawed. 

Do you provide free shipping, and if so, under what circumstances?

No, we do not have any policy of free delivery service on any product.

Do you deliver all across Pakistan?

Yes, we offer delivery service all across Pakistan. However, in some cities, we only accept Bank transfers and Debit/Credit Card transfers.

What if I’m not around to pick up my order?

Before delivering the product, we get in touch with the consignee. If you are not present at the specified address, you can ask any family member to accept the delivery and make the payment if it is still due from your end. If you are not comfortable, we can deliver your order on next day.

Is there any shipping cost or fee?

Yes, shipping cost is measured through product dimensions, weight, and distance. This shipping cost varies from product to product and order to order. However, on the order confirmation call, the shipping cost will be calculated and informed by the CSR.

How long will it take for orders to be delivered?

We offer express delivery service across Pakistan. However, we deliver the same day in Lahore and take 4 to 5 business days to deliver in other cities.  

What if my order is delayed? How can I take follow up?

We are accustomed to delivering orders on time. However, due to unfavorable conditions, orders might get delayed. Customers can reach out to us via the helpline at 0328 238882 or write to us at [email protected] 

Privacy Protection

What safety precautions are in place to protect client information?

Our policy is aligned with data security and privacy. Nobody can breach our stored data as we keep checks on data protection servers.

Do you divulge consumer data to any other parties?

We never divulge our customers’ private information to any organization or individual. Additionally, we utilize the data to notify our loyal customers about sales and discounts, promotional emails, coupons, etc.

How do you manage customers’ personal data?

Your shared data is used to proceed with your order only. We practice encryptions and data controls at our company. Our CSRs are well-trained to carry your data. They protect it until you received your order. After that, the material is kept brief and entirely restricted in terms of their access. However, we comply with the government’s data protection regulation as per policy. 

Product Information

Do you offer any warranty for the goods you sell?

Yes, we offer a brand warranty to the customer. However, we are not supposed to increase or decrease the time of warranty for any product or any customer. 

Do you provide recommendations as per the specific budget limits?

Yes, our CSRs and Salespersons have received comprehensive training to assist you in selecting products that are affordable, of the finest quality, and match your needs and requirements.   

Do you offer energy-efficient and eco-friendly products?

Yes, we have a wide range of products that are energy efficient and eco-friendly. 

Do you offer installation service for larger appliances?

No, currently we are not offering any installation services for any appliance. 

Do you offer spare parts for repair and maintenance?

No, we do not carry any spare parts for any products. 

Are there any prerequisites (such as the original box, tags, or unused condition) for returning or exchanging an item?

All packaging documents, manuals, and accessories must be included with returned goods, and they shouldn’t have been installed.

Is there a deadline for returning or exchanging items?

Customers can return or exchange items only within 7 days after their purchase. 

How do you handle returns?

We believe in the highest customer satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can claim a return within 7 days of your purchase. All packaging documents, manuals, and accessories must be included with returned goods, and they shouldn’t have been installed. However, used or factory-serviced goods, closeouts, clearance goods, special orders, and custom orders are not refundable. The costs of shipping and handling are not refundable. For further details, please visit the refund & exchange policy.

How to claim a warranty for a product?


You must review the product’s terms and conditions if you wish to make a warranty claim. After confirmation, get in touch with the product brand’s customer service, or visit the warranty policy to get in touch with us. 

How can I claim product authenticity?

We are partnered with authentic, reliable, and trusted brands only and sell products that are 100% original and produced by these brands.

Are your online prices and physical store prices different for the same product?

Yes, there may occasionally be a difference between our online and in-store prices. We provide a variety of discounts and promotions to our customers on our website. 

How can I determine whether a product is in stock?

The product, you intended to purchase will be live on the website. If you find a product that is out of stock on the website and is unable to add it to your cart, you can contact us via email at [email protected] or call us at 0328 238882. 

Do the product pictures and specifications on your website are correct?

We don’t add any information from our end; instead, we spread the word that is driven by authenticity about a particular product from a reputable company. 

Where can I get comprehensive details of a product?

Our product page contains all relevant details about the item, such as pictures, descriptions, measurements, functionalities, warranty, etc. If you want to know more, you can contact us through the chat support available on the website or make a call at 0328 238882.